Hello, I am Stephanie and this is my blog; an archive of mostly recipes and a few other projects and odds and ends. I started my blog to encourage me to try new projects and to keep a record of my favourites. 

My friend and collaborator Tyrel Hiebert is the official taste tester, cake scrap eater and sometimes photo helper. 

Want to help me make The Verdigris? The Verdigris costs me a lot of time and money to make, and I'm super thrilled to make it available to everyone for free. But, if you are able to support me and help me cover the costs of producing The Verdigris, I will appreciate it very much. I would like to be able to give more time to The Verdigris to make it even better for you guys!  Check out my Patreon page for some content that's just for Patrons, and help make The Verdigris, even $1 a month is a huge help! Thanks for coming by, I'm thrilled that you're here.  

What is verdigris?

Verdigris is the pale green colour that copper turns when it has oxidized. Like rust, but prettier. Bit hard to say, but here's a guide.